Sports and Mental Health – Interview Series

In sports we see situations like this come up with increasing frequency. This is why services such as The Edge are essential to athletes that live under increased scrutiny and pressure.

We have recently begun filming a series of interviews with athletes, coaches, trainers, and entertainers about two topics.  Mental toughness and mental illness.  It’s an engaging series that will share with the viewers, the insight of professionals like Marcus Liberty, Kiwane Garris, Charles Petrone, Gregg (Champ) Barlow, Daimon Beathea, and many more.  Learn what they do to maintain and develop mental toughness in challenging situations.  Also, hear some heartfelt and private testimony of how mental health and wellbeing has affected their personal and professional lives.  To donate to our fundraiser, click here.  Otherwise…Stay Tuned!

Check out the promo for the interview series here:

Articles such as these below illustrate how mental health is something that is pervasive and deserves to be addressed by mental health professionals that are trained and can equip these athletes to succeed.