The Edge Sports Therapy

“Sports do not build character…they reveal it.”



What is Sports Therapy?

– Sports therapy provides the athlete with a trained professional to guide them through challenges such as: concentration/attention;  choking; overcoming slumps; injury, losing streaks, and team mate relationship issues. The Edge teaches the athlete skills to assist with relaxation; establishing effective performance routines; shifting the athletes ‘self-talk’; employing visualization skills; improving team relationships and much more.

– Sports therapy takes many of the tools used in traditional therapy and applies them in various settings working with teams and individual athletes looking to achieve goals and succeed in their sport and their lives.


Who benefits from it?

– Individuals who are balancing their personal lives with a pursuit of their sport.
– Athletes struggling with any range of personal battles with depression, anxiety, substance use/abuse, injury, anger management, and trauma.
– Coaches often find that bringing in a sports therapist gives their athletes an avenue to address subjects not related to their performance but impacts it indirectly
– Teams use sports therapists to set goals for the team, develop skills to deal with the media effectively, and guide athletes through social media relations.


Why should I choose The Edge?

– There are several sports therapists and psychologists around but very few are trained as a licensed psychotherapist AND have played sport at the professional level in countries around the globe. Advantage —> The Edge
– Often sports therapists require the clients to come to their office for appointments which includes the waiting room and passing other clients. For some of our higher profile athletes, this simply does not work. The Edge brings sports therapy to you-wherever you are. Advantage —> The Edge
– Some sports therapists only help football and baseball players. The Edge has worked with athletes that compete in football, baseball, basketball, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, soccer, and lacrosse. Clients of The Edge have had scholarships at universities across the nation and have played on professional teams around the globe. Advantage —> The Edge

This World Championship team has The Edge

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Sessions are available via teletherapy

Technological advances and mental health best practices have now caught up with one another and the use of webcams, phones, and other tools give the trained clinicians at The Edge another way to reach clients when face to face is not a viable option. Inquire for more details.